Till is Breaking the Bias

Think of the women in your life. Your mother. Your sister. Your daughter. Your friend.

Often, we describe these women as caring, courageous and fearless - all great leadership qualities.

But in the past year, only 10% of C-Suite positions were held by women, despite making up 46.9% of our workforce.

This International Women's Day it's time to break the bias and pave new possibilities for women in the workforce.

You can #BreakTheBias too.

In the lead up to International Women’s Day, we asked women anonymously at Till to share stories of their past experiences with bias throughout their careers to shine a light on the injustices women face in professional settings, day in and day out. And now, we’re sharing it with you so you can break the bias too.

By sharing these stories, Till is starting a conversation to drive change for women in the workplace. Starting now.

  • Dave and Sarah

    In this episode, we hear a story of how gender bias can effect women in leadership positions from a female employee while in a previous company, how this story impacts our leaders and importantly, what we at Till will do about it.

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  • Michael and Lindsay

    In this episode, we hear about how one woman was confronted with bias as a female leader.

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  • Vinay and Aysen

    In this episode, we talk about how performance bias can lead people to devalue women's contributions and make incorrect assumptions about women's abilities.

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  • Kinsey and Tanya

    In this episode of Breaking the Bias with Till, we listen to a story about the discrimination that mothers are often faced with in the workplace.

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  • Shadi and Reena

    In the latest instalment for Till's Breaking the Bias series, we chat to our very own CEO, Shadi Haddad about a harrowing experience of prejudice, inequality and bias.

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This is just the starting point.

Till is on a mission to drive widespread conversations to level the playing field for women at work and create meaningful changes in workplaces in Australia and around the world. We’re looking inwards to create meaningful change within our own organisation to ensure no woman has to experience unfair discrimination because of gender, their choices or their ambition. Ever. Again.

But we’re not just starting conversations. We’re taking action by implementing practical, culturally aware programs for women and the entire Till Force.

Work your way

Autonomy and flexibility are deeply held beliefs at Till, which is why almost all hard starts and finish times have been removed.

Equal Parental Leave Pay

From couples to single parents, and regardless of gender, Till offers 20 weeks paid parental leave per annum.

Career Development

Your passion is only matched by ours. Till works hard to enhance your career and help you grow as a person.

Unlock new possibilities.

At Till, we place strong emphasis on our people, culture and values. We take a strong, unapologetic stance on empowering women in the workplace. Find out what’s possible with a career at Till.

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