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20 June 2023

Sharp EIT: An evolved payment ecosystem for enhanced experiences.

Sharp EIT, a leader in document management, managed IT services, and display solutions, recently embarked on a mission to revolutionise its payment systems and elevate customer experience. The business sought a payment solution that would streamline transactions for staff while reducing friction for its valued customers. Explore how Sharp EIT achieved remarkable improvements in efficiency and customer experience by establishing a partnership that aligned with its community-focused values.

A reliable business enriched by its community-minded values.

With a trusted reputation spanning over two decades as a subsidiary of the globally recognised household brand Sharp, Sharp EIT is the go-to supplier of office solutions for businesses in Australia. Its comprehensive services include hardware, managed IT services, and displays.

Complementing its service offering with a values-driven approach to business, Sharp EIT has embedded civic engagement into its DNA, taking great pride in supporting the community through partnerships with various sporting and charitable organisations.

This unique spirit sets Sharp EIT apart from competitors and fosters a strong sense of community among its customers, suppliers, and stakeholders.

The problem: a need for a streamlined payment solution

Despite its longstanding success, Sharp EIT repeatedly faced challenges with its previous payment provider, causing ongoing frustration among staff and adversely impacting its customer experience.

Manual processes were time-consuming and left a wide margin for errors, while presenting a risk to the company’s reputation.

To uphold its gold standard of superior service, Sharp EIT needed an efficient, secure, and user-friendly payment solution that would enhance customer satisfaction.

The Solution: Till’s Payment Links

After evaluating multiple vendors, Sharp EIT found the perfect fit with Till, driven by shared values, a commitment to growth and a mutual desire to make payments more seamless for the end customer.

Till’s remote payment solution, Payment Links, provided a simple, secure, and flexible method to accept payments from customers, offering key features including:

1. Customisation: Enabling businesses to personalise their payment links with custom branding, messages, and invoices.

2. Access via Multiple Channels: Payment Links can be shared via email, SMS, WhatsApp, or social media, offering customers an array of choices.

3. Real-time Reporting: Businesses can monitor payments and access transaction data through Till’s platform, making finance tracking and management more effortless.

A seamless transformation with Payment Links

Once the choice was made, the execution was simple and painless. The implementation and onboarding team at Till went above and beyond to exceed Sharp EIT’s expectations, ensuring a seamless transition.

“Nothing was ever too hard.”

Sharp EIT’s adoption of Payment Links has brought significant benefits to both clients and staff. This innovative solution streamlined the payment process, enabling customers to easily make payments via text messages or purchase tickets for corporate events. As a result, customer experience has been dramatically improved, with faster and more secure transactions.

“The introduction of Payment Links within our organisation has made the process between our clients and our staff members very seamless.”

The collaboration with Till has proven to be highly rewarding for Sharp EIT, going beyond mere commercial transactions and fostering a collaborative relationship where both parties champion each other's growth.

Equipped with a recently transformed payment ecosystem, Sharp EIT has witnessed notable improvements in its payment workflow, leading to enhanced customer experiences throughout the entire payment process. By embracing innovative solutions like Payment Links and fostering a strong collaborative relationship, Sharp EIT, with the support of Till, is now well-prepared to seamlessly adapt to the ever-changing landscape of consumer payment preferences for years to come.

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