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6 July 2022

Till adds Alipay to its education offering

Till Payments (Till) has announced a partnership with Alipay+, a suite of cross-border payments and marketing solutions operated by Ant Group, to integrate Alipay into its new Education product offering and explore the potential integration of other digital payment methods brought by Alipay+. Till’s Education offering has been designed for higher education institutions to support the revival of Australia’s $20 billion international education market, which has declined in recent years due to border closures and pandemic restrictions.

As part of the collaboration, partners and merchants using the offering will be able to accept international student tuition fees via Alipay. The new product also offers seamless integrations into popular campus commerce systems, providing valuable insights and offering a connected and streamlined way to manage tuition payments.

Fleur Garcia, Head of Merchant Engagement & Strategy, Till Payments, said modern globalisation is driving the need for a new generation of payment solutions that embrace and enable international movement and trade.

"Our experiences as consumers, as businesses, as individuals are becoming hyper-globalised. Thanks to the internet and digital technologies, many of us now have the world at our fingertips and the exponential uptick in global trade via eCommerce, at a time during the pandemic when physical borders were closed, is a testament to the power and potential of modern globalisation."

She added, "our global economy is calling for a payments experience that is borderless, inclusive and, most importantly, seamless. We're thrilled to partner with Alipay+ to deliver this need to our merchants, partners and the end-consumer."

Till’s Education offering is the first product to launch off the back of the fintech's partnership with Alipay+. The payments disruptor is looking to expand the scope of the collaboration in the future with additional products, designed to provide seamless, borderless payments for businesses in Australia and around the world.