Pentana and Till

Fuelling you further

It's finally here. A potent, full service, all in one payments technology that delivers the ultimate control over how your automotive dealership runs. You. Pentana. And Till. Altogether. All fully automated.

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How do they work together to save you time?

Brilliantly. Pentana provides the world's leading DMS to streamline all your operations. While Till’s high-tech, all-in-one payments platform puts your customers front and centre. How? By connecting your existing platform to become a payments powerhouse saving you time on manual reconciliations, human error, lack of control and lost savings.

  • Forget manual. Shift to auto.

    Till automates payments like no other. Which means manual reconciliations of all your EFTPOS payments are fully automated too. Every single sale across your Servicing, Spare Parts and Sales is auto matched so you don’t have to touch it at all. No more incorrect numbers. No more lost time. No more separate functions. And you can have fast, same-day settlements 7 days a week. It's the perfect formula for success that puts you in complete control — automatically.

  • Full speed ahead

    With Pentana’s powerful DMS fuelled by Till’s hi-octane technology, you’ll win on every transaction. You’ll minimise fraud and potential payment disputes so you can simply focus on doing what your dealership does best. Steer staff away from the ordinary to the extraordinary. Forget consuming tasks associated with manual reconciliations - and go full speed ahead toward your strategic business goals.

  • The perfect payments vehicle

    Step into the drivers seat of Till’s secure, seamless automation that puts you in control of every transaction, across every division. By integrating Till’s technology with your existing Pentana dealer management system, you'll have the ultimate payments technology that brings your day-to-day systems into one powerful platform.

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The formula for success

Super-charge your business at the upcoming 2022 Australian Automotive Dealer Association Convention and Expo. With a focus on the future, take a pit stop by Till's booth on June 2 and 3 to get pole-position amongst your competitors with Till and Pentana's formula for success.

Looking for a speedier start?

Take the Till Test Drive today and find out what's possible for your business.

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