You are not alone

Ever felt stuck? Do you think others don’t understand you? Or your customers? Well, think again and consider Till, the all-in-one payments provider that’s here to put your customer first and remove the boundaries caused by clunky, costly, outdated systems.

Many industries. One Till.

Till creates tailored payment solutions for many businesses large and small, across many industries including automotive, hospitality, FMCG, health, retail, government, transit, and more:

You want seamless payments

From start to finish, your customers demand an exceptional shopping experience – and that means fast, frictionless payments. Turn to Till for online, offline, and clever combos of both.

You want complete security

Till’s terminals check every transaction to reduce fraud and the hassles associated with it. And no matter what size your business, you are automatically PCI-compliant with Till.

You want an easy-to-use portal

Every client, transaction, product, terminal, and date is updated in near real-time, giving you a wealth of instant information about your stock, staff, and productivity.

Every transaction builds trust. And your reputation.

Here’s the truth. The last transaction a customer has is their lasting impression of you, so it needs to be not just good, but excellent. Anything less, and they lose trust. Indeed, customer-experience researcher Esteban Kolsky tells us that 13% of customers who have a bad experience tell 15 other people they’re unhappy, and a whopping 72% of those who had a great experience tell 6 people how good it was. The question is, how do you want to treat your customers? Do you want to risk turning them off, or will they be brand advocates? It’s your call, so give Till a call.

Till caters to all industries:

  • Automotive

    You already make car journeys possible for customers, so why not finetune their customer journey too?

    Till’s payment ecosystem puts you in the driver’s seat of a fast, unified, digital automotive retail experience. Ready?

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  • Hospitality

    Till makes it possible to take payments at your counter, throughout your venue and in any online channel you need, helping you deliver a truly memorable guest experience.

    Simply. Swiftly. Securely.

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  • Retail

    Today’s connected consumer is driving the agenda and that means retailers will need to reimagine how they allow payments to be made. There is a huge opportunity to be more agile, customer responsive, and competitive – and to do it easily, with Till’s unified commerce.

    Imagine that.

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  • Grocery

    Till helps supermarkets, grocery shops, liquor outlets and corner stores move products faster through the checkout by automating payments and unifying transaction data into one convenient portal.

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  • B2B

    If you're a business-to-business supplier, you may be wondering why there is a growing trend towards digitized payments, what the advantages are, and how you too can be at the forefront of eCommerce.

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