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The all-in-one platform that makes every payment possible

The rise and rise of Till

From humble beginnings in 2012 when Till’s owners innovated unattended payments for parking meters, Till grew quickly and built infrastructure to harness the immense power of the internet and optimise online and offline payment channels everywhere.

Till’s focus is firmly on the needs of the merchant and, in turn, delivering on the demands of their digitally connected customers. It is this significant difference that underpins the entire Till ethos today.

Till believes that Customer Experience, or CX, is where the hearts, minds, and wallets of tomorrow’s consumer will be won. Which is precisely why Till has developed a platform that integrates fast, secure, seamless payments, plug and play terminals, and unified commerce to drive sales and sustained growth.

Put simply, no matter where, when or in what currency, Till is the all-in-one global platform that makes every payment possible.

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