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5 October 2022

Don’t just accept credit payments on your website – take your eCommerce business to the next level

Once you've established an eCommerce presence and payment gateway, how do you make it work as hard as possible? With all the right value-adds, of course.

As explained in our previous article, The no-hassle pathway to online payments, eCommerce has many moving parts – but they don't have to be complex to implement. This article explains various ways to get an edge over competitors and the value-added services that help you enhance your eCommerce storefront.

10 value-adds to level up your eCommerce business

#1 Offer more payment types than the competition

The more payment options you offer your customers, the more likely they will buy from you, not your competitor. With seamless, simple integrations to leading digital wallets and established connections to all major payment methods, Till gives you the power to accept a broad range of payment types on all devices, by any method, in any sales channel.

#2 Build customer loyalty

Many online businesses obsess about customer acquisition, but repeat customers make you more money in the long run. With the ability to set up safe, secure and PCI-compliant data capturing, you can enable recurring payments and subscriptions for your business and harness the power to grow more loyal customers.

#3 Offer cross-channel refunds

In any eCommerce business, returns, incorrect orders and reconciliations can create a time-consuming nightmare.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. With Till, everything’s connected in the background to make it easy. Customers can shop in any channel and return goods via any channel. A smooth refund process instils confidence, builds trust, and gives customers another reason to choose you over competitors.

#4 Reduce frictions at every opportunity

Is your online checkout process simple, easy and intuitive? No? You just lost the sale.

Can your customers return goods via any channel? No? You just lost the customer – probably for good.

Till removes these barriers to purchase with the same seamless, user-friendly experience at every touch point. You can also safely store payment data so that the customer doesn’t have to re-key it in future, removing another potential friction.

#5 Enjoy total visibility

With Till, you have total visibility of every transaction in every channel. Data is updated in near real-time, so you know exactly where your money is (or isn't). Managing reconciliations, chargebacks, and retrievals becomes a breeze. And your entire operational efficiency ramps up, thanks to greater understanding and control.

#6 See your money sooner

Why start selling online and then wait days to see your money? Till offers Same Day Settlements so you’ll have your money sooner and be cashflow positive.

#7 Make the last sale count towards the next

Till integrates fully with your other systems, such as customer databases, inventory software and email tools, empowering you to make the most of every possibility.

#8 Use data analysis to improve profitability

Your business generates a ton of data that can tell you a lot – like which of your lines are most profitable and which to discontinue. It can help you drive up conversion, upselling and cross-selling with targeted offers based on customer behaviour. With analytics and customer intelligence are presented in a single-view dashboard, Till helps you leverage insights for growth.

#9 Reduce your business risk

One of the biggest problems with e-commerce is the risk of fraud. Till’s Online Gateway is PCI-compliant and equipped with 3DS 2.0, which means you can rest assured that your customer data and business transactions are safe & secure.

#10 Get it all. Together.

Once upon a time, building a robust eCommerce presence meant dealing with multiple providers. Not anymore.

Till can help your business combine all your sales channels into a seamless, integrated, all-in-one package that puts your growth first.

If you'd like to level up your e-commerce business with value-added solutions minus the technical hassle, check out the entire online payment use case. Right here.