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29 February 2024

Nuvei completes acquisition of Till Payments

In December 2023, Till shared an exciting development in its journey, having entered into an agreement to be acquired by Canadian fintech powerhouse, Nuvei (Nasdaq, TSX: NVEI). Today, we’re delighted to confirm that the acquisition was completed in January, 2024.   

For Till and our valued business community, this union ushers in a wealth of new possibilities, strengthening our ability to accelerate your business growth and deliver greater value than ever before.

Nuvei & Till: Building payments technology for tomorrow's transactions

Both Till and Nuvei are united by a shared vision: to lead the way in payment technology with customer-first solutions that demystify the complexity around payments. As we integrate with Nuvei, we pledge to stay true to our roots and deliver even greater value to our merchants and partners. 

With Nuvei by our side, we have an opportunity to combine our forces to reshape and innovate how businesses transact in the digital age. Nuvei’s cutting-edge technology is the engine behind successful businesses across 200 markets, including local acquiring in 50 markets, processing in 150 currencies, and connectivity to 680 alternative payment methods. By joining forces, we're setting the stage for you to succeed on a global scale with an unparalleled payment ecosystem.

This monumental step in our journey is not just about growth; it's about empowering you, our merchants and partners, with cutting-edge tools and opportunities to thrive in a global marketplace. We're stepping into a future where our combined expertise will open new doors and break down barriers in digital payments.

How will this benefit our merchants and partners?

No matter how you view it, this partnership is set to benefit you , our merchants and partners, with minimal impact on your day-to-day business operations.

The Till solutions you know and love will remain unchanged, with upcoming upgrades and product launches in the pipeline that are guaranteed to optimise your business further. Plus, you’ll continue to experience the same 24/7 service delivered by our dedicated Customer Support team.

What to expect?

As we embrace this new chapter, you’ll start to see the Till brand evolving to reflect our enhanced capabilities. You may have already noticed an updated logo and colour scheme when you landed on our website today. The transition will be gradual, steady, and, like everything else we do at Till, absolutely seamless.

In the coming weeks, expect to see further updates across all our platforms, including the Till website, on your Portal, on socials, and anywhere else you engage with the Till brand.

Our promise to you

Your partnership is important to Till’s journey, and we value your continued trust and loyalty. Your support has been crucial in our success, and we’re excited to leverage this acquisition as a tool to enhance the services we provide to you.

By joining forces with Nuvei, Till is reaffirming our commitment to simplifying transactions for businesses around the globe. This acquisition promises a broader global reach, accelerated payment innovations, and strengthened market leadership, particularly for our valued community across Australia and New Zealand. 

Thank you for being a part of our journey. Together, we’re excited to embark with you on a new era of payments. Welcome to the new chapter in Till, a Nuvei company.