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1 August 2023

A Partnership to Crow About: Enhancing Payment Experiences for The Easts Group

Infused with a rich history spanning 65 years and known for its strong links to The Sydney Roosters, The Easts Group is an icon of the Australian hospitality industry. The community-based organisation offers an elevated experience across its four venues in New South Wales, setting itself apart from other sporting and community venues.

With a strong commitment to innovation and customer-centric experiences and a pipeline of exciting upgrades on its horizon, The Easts Group set out to digitise its payment workflow by partnering with a payments provider that shared its values and could enhance its already high standards of customer experience (CX).

Discovering the Perfect Payments Partner

Driven by its vision for innovation and member satisfaction, The Easts Group embarked on a quest to find a payments provider that understood its unique business needs. The Group sought a partner who could not only deliver exceptional value but also had a trusted reputation for providing seamless, end-to-end payment experiences that would benefit both its back-end and front-end operations.

After careful consideration, Till emerged as the perfect match. The partnership, built on a foundation of active listening and collaboration, instilled The Easts Group with confidence from the get-go. As an added incentive, Till's careful approach to implementation ensured a smooth transition with minimal disruption to operations, answering a critical ask from the Group’s Finance Team.

An Elegant Payment Experience Fit for an Elegant Venue Group

Till introduced The Easts Group to a suite of cutting-edge solutions designed to streamline payment processes and enhance CX. At the heart of this transformation was Till’s Merchant Portal – a payment platform that unified payment and transaction data from all four of the Group’s venues. This was complemented by a suite of sleek payment terminals, and Till’s remote digital payment offering, Payment Links. The comprehensive solutions provided key benefits for Easts and its high-performing finance team, including:

1. Elevated Financial Visibility

Till’s Merchant Portal offered real-time visibility into critical transactional data, empowering the Group’s finance team to make informed decisions with confidence. The reliability, accuracy, and timeliness offered by the platform ensured that the CFO and the Finance Team had an up-to-the-minute view of their transactions, saving valuable time in the process.

2. Streamlined Operations

The ability to access high-quality, relevant data enabled the Group’s Finance team to identify patterns, fine-tune processes, and create unforgettable experiences for its members. Till ensured that the data provided was valuable and not overwhelming allowing for streamlined operations and greater efficiency.

3. Seamless Brand Experience

The Easts Group understood the significance of making a lasting positive impression on its members. Recognising that the payment process often represents one of the final steps in the customer journey, the Group was committed to perfecting this crucial step. Till's sleek and modern terminals took the front-end payment journey for members to the next level, seamlessly unifying the brand experience across all venues. With Till's terminals, The Group was able to deliver a cohesive brand experience from venue to venue, fostering loyalty and improving member satisfaction.

4. Empowering Event Payments

Till’s Payment Links revolutionised the way function invoices were settled, putting the power in the hands of members. With just a few clicks from a text or email, The Easts Group’s members could effortlessly settle invoices for their functions within seconds. This game-changing solution eliminated the friction associated with traditional payment methods, taking the Group’s CX to new heights, while leaving a lasting positive impression that kept members coming back time and time again.

The Easts Group's commitment to delivering exceptional experiences for its members is a testament to its dedication and passion for the hospitality industry. With Till as its trusted payments partner, The Easts Group finally have a payments partnership to crow about. Till’s solutions have transformed the Group’s payment ecosystem, unlocking new possibilities and helping the venue group shape the future of hospitality.

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