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9 January 2023

How to read your Partner Rebate and Income/Expenses Statements

Making the most of your partnership with Till means keeping an eye on the financials. Here's how to navigate your statements on the Till Merchant Portal.

As a Till Partner, you receive a lot of different statements, accessible in various formats, to help you take care of business.

You can access these statements anytime through your Till's payment portal. In this short blog, we run through 3 different formats that you can use to view your Till financial data, including:

  • Income and expense data by each merchant in your portfolio

  • Your payout (or revenue) per each merchant per month

  • Your total payout for the month.

Format #1: Income/Expense Reports

Sometimes it pays to know which of your merchants are most – or least­ – profitable. Income/Expense Reports lay out income and expenses for each merchant in your portfolio, detailing the transaction-related expenses you process on behalf of merchants, and the rebates you receive.

To access your Income/Expenses reports:

  • Click ‘Rebates’ in the left-hand navigation

  • Then click ‘IE Inc/Exp’ from the drop-down

  • This opens the ‘Inc/Exp Details’ screen shown below.

This screen gives you a breakdown of all fees you paid on behalf of each merchant versus the income you received.

Use ‘Search records’ to filter data by month, fee type and other variables to suit your specific needs.

Suppose you need to better understand or analyse this data. In that case, you can export a clear, line-by-line breakdown to an excel spreadsheet by clicking the 'Export' button top right.

Format #2: Portfolio Payout Details

Want to know your profit or loss for each merchant in your portfolio? As shown below,

  • Click ‘PP Portfolio Payout Details’ from the drop-down

  • This opens the ‘Portfolio Payout Details’ screen.

The ‘Portfolio Payout Details’ screen shows your monthly profit or loss for each merchant in your portfolio. The final column, labelled 'Payout', shows the amount paid out to you per merchant for the month.

You can use ‘Search records’ to filter your payout data by month and other variables. To export the data to an excel spreadsheet, click the ‘Export’ button (top right).

Format #3 – Your Grand Total

When you want to cut to the chase and see your total monthly payout,

  • Click ‘PD – Payout Details’ from the drop-down

  • This opens the ‘Portfolio Payout Details’ screen, shown below.

The ‘Payout Details’ screen shows your total partner payout for the month – every cent you make from offering Till’s all-in-one payment services to your merchants! The ‘Payout’ column on the far right has your total number. You can also ‘search records’ to get a historical view.

And there you have it – when it comes to your merchant income and expenses, your Till Merchant Portal has it all laid out – simply, clearly and concisely. Plus, the ability to view more granular information using filters.

To view your partner statements, sign in to your Till Merchant Portal now.

If you have any questions or require further clarification, don't hesitate to contact your customer success contact or reach out to customer support.