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9 January 2023

Tokenisation: for next-level data protection and privacy

Discover the what, why and how of Tokenisation and the best way to get its protective power working for you.

It doesn’t matter what business or industry you are in – when it comes to processing online payments, you’re vulnerable.

Security and data privacy can’t be ignored.

One way you can ensure the security of your transactions and your customers’ data and privacy is by using tokenisation technology. Tokenisation has been adopted by some of the world's leading payment providers and platform. Did you know that every time you use your Phone or Watch to pay for something, you are completing a tokenised transaction?

But what exactly is Tokenisation, and how does it help you achieve next-level security? Let’s find out.

Protecting sensitive data

When customers enter their credit card number or bank account details online, that information travels through various digital channels. This can expose it to interception and lead to fraudulent purchases.

Tokenisation replaces sensitive data with a unique, randomly generated value called a token. This token is then used in place of the actual data when processing transactions.

Here’s how it works:

  1. A customer enters their card details on your website or mobile app. These details are immediately replaced with a token issued by Till.

  2. The token is unique to both the customer and your business.

  3. When the customer makes a payment, the token is transmitted instead of the card details.

Tokenisation provides extra protection for your customers' sensitive information since the real sensitive data is not being transmitted or stored. This makes it much harder for hackers to access or steal information.

Privacy benefits as well

Tokenisation also helps to enhance data privacy. Using tokens instead of actual data makes it much harder to identify or track individual customers or transactions.

Powerful Tokenisation built-in

At Till Payments, we understand the critical importance of security and data privacy. That’s why tokenisation technology is built into Till Online Checkout. With Till Online Checkout, you can accept payments directly on your website or mobile app. Customers no longer have to leave your site or app to make a payment, removing friction from the purchasing journey to improve the overall customer experience. Customers can also pay any way they want – via Debit or Credit Card, Digital Wallets like Paypal, Buy Now Pay Later providers like Afterpay and Zip or alternate payment methods like Alipay or WeChat. And you always have the option to add new payment types quickly and easily without the need for further integration.

Equipped with state-of-the-art tokenisation technology, Till Online Checkout helps to protect your transactions and your customers' data. You can rest assured that your customers’ sensitive information is protected.

In addition to Tokenisation's security and data privacy benefits, Till Online Checkout also offers a range of other features that can help improve your payment processing. As a fully PCI-DSS-compliant solution, Till Online Checkout meets the highest industry standards for security.

New ways to pay that are also protected

New payment technologies can also benefit from the added protection of Tokenisation. With Payment Links, you can send a customer a link via SMS or email. The link takes the customer to an online checkout with (you guessed it) Tokenisation.

Your connected, digital-savvy customer gets a real time message that prompts them to pay with a payment method of their choosing. And when they do, they're protected by Tokenisation and the latest embedded Strong Customer Authentication technology that will help verify their identity.

With technology like this, you can digitise all kinds of payments in ways that bring your connected customers closer, increasing the speed of payment, while building trust at the same time.

Ready to fortify payment security?

By choosing a payment processing solution with tokenisation technology, you ensure that payments are secure and your customers' data is protected. No matter how they want to pay. And, as you scale, you can adopt new solutions equipped with unparalleled security features like Payment Links that allow you to send in seconds and get paid in seconds.

And as new payment methods emerge, you can adopt them quickly and easily with the power of all payments in one. Protected by Tokenisation, of course.

For next-level data protection and privacy, reach out to a Till team member today to learn more about Till’s PCI-Compliant solutions.