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30 November 2022

What PCI compliance means for Till Partners and how it benefit your merchants

All merchants taking payments online face security risks. As a Till Payments Partner, you offer your merchant customers payment security they can trust.

PCI-DSS Compliance – and why your merchant partners need it

Undefended eCommerce websites are prime targets for data thieves. Any business must be PCI DSS compliant to accept card payments.

PCI DSS is a global data security standard adopted by payment card brands (including Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express and JCB). PCI DSS compliance applies to any business that allows credit card payments or stores, processes or transmits cardholder data. So, if your merchant customer accepts or processes payment cards or operates an eCommerce site, PCI DSS applies to them. And it’s critically important.

Merchants who fail to comply with PCI DSS can face various penalties and consequences, ranging from fines to financial and reputational damage. They may also lose the ability to take any card payments at all.

Any merchant suspected of a data breach must also undergo a mandatory forensic examination, costing a small business $20,000 to $50,000.

PCI-DSS compliance built-in

With Till as your payments partner, your merchants can rest assured that your offering is complete and automatically PCI DSS compliant.

#1 Tell your merchants: With Till, your payment solution is fully PCI DSS compliant – so they don’t have to worry about it.

With PCI DSS compliance:

  • Your systems are secure, and customers can trust you with their sensitive payment card data

  • Your business gains a better reputation with acquirers and payment brands

  • You're protected now and into the future because PCI compliance is an ongoing and evolving process

  • PCI compliance often makes your overall IT infrastructure more efficient

And, when they choose you as their partner, your merchant partners automatically become PCI-DSS compliant – without having to do a thing.

The added protection of 3DS2 security

3DS2 (3D Secure 2.0) is an authentication solution that provides an extra layer of protection for online payments. It also makes the checkout process smoother and more accessible for customers who like shopping on their mobile phones. Till Online Checkout is rated for 3DS2.

Your merchants can also take advantage of Till Payment Link, which allows them to send a request for payment via email or SMS, with a link that takes the customer to a Till-hosted, PCI-compliant payment page.

Like all other online payments, Till Payment Links are embedded with 3DS2 security to protect against fraud.

# 2 Tell your merchants:

  • 3DS2 authentication protects every payment your business takes, providing an additional layer to protect your customer’s precious data and your business – no matter how you take payment online on in-store.

Extra protection with tokenization

Till's Online Checkout also provides tokenization, which securely 'masks' credit card information. Tokenization enables shoppers on your merchant customer’s site to make repeat purchases with a single click without re-entering their credit card details. This ease of purchase encourages repeat sales by removing a point of friction.

#3 Tell your merchants: With Till, you enjoy the extra protection of tokenization, which allows your customers to make repeat purchases without having to end to re-enter their details.

In summary, Till equips you with all the layers of security needed to build trust in your offering and attract more customers to you as a payment partner.

With Till as your payment partner, you don't have to be a payment expert to know that your solution ticks all the right security boxes.