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7 December 2022

Accepting payments as a small business – 5 ways to do it smarter

If you're a small business, nothing is more important than getting paid – which makes your choice of payment partner fundamental.

How can small business work smarter?

For many small businesses, payment systems are kind of an afterthought – necessary but not given too much attention. Most small businesses choose to obtain their payment services from one of the big banks – but other players offer more. With the right payment partner, any small business can access powerful tools that maximise your payment advantage and help your business grow.

Let’s look at each of these in turn.

# 1: A wide array of payment options to improve your customer experience

Today’s customer expects to be able to pay the way they want. If they can't find their preferred payment method, you risk losing the sale and any repeat business.

But with a bewildering array of payment options, how does your business choose which to implement?

A better solution could be to offer them all!

Till’s Online Checkout allows customers to pay any way they want – via debit, credit, digital wallets, or newer payment methods like Alipay, WeChat and UnionPay. You can also add new payment types quickly and easily.

With Till, your business gets the power of all payments rolled into one. And your customer has a payment experience that keeps them coming back.

#2: A friction-free payment process that drives repeat purchase

While offering many different payment types is essential, it's equally critical to ensure that the payment process is quick and seamless. Today's customers have high expectations, and if your payment process is clunky, you'll lose potential sales and customer loyalty.

Conceived with friction-free payments in mind, Tills Online Checkout makes all payments simple, easy and intuitive. Customers can choose to save their payment details, saving them time the next time they shop with you and encouraging repeat purchases.

#3: Powerful enterprise-level tools that help a small business grow

The payment data a business generates contains a host of insights. Larger companies have been monetising these insights for years. Now, your small business can too.

With Unified Commerce made for small businesses, your payment system can be seamlessly (and painlessly) integrated with inventory, customer databases, email marketing and other business systems. With all data from parts of your business on one platform, it is much easier to glean insights, from what types of promotions to offer to what to stock and numerous other ways to maximise sales and revenue.

If your business has physical locations, Till Terminals connect easily and simply with over 540 software platforms, putting inventory and customer data right in the palm of your hand.

And with an in-built stand-alone mode, you can keep accepting payments even if your Point of Sale system goes down.

#4: Automation to drive greater business efficiency

As a small business owner, you have a lot on your plate. Integration brings you the power to automate many common functions.

Reconciliations can happen automatically – saving vast amounts of time and effort.

Price changes, inventory movements and new product listings no longer have to be done multiple times. Make a change once, and it happens across all systems.

With Till Merchant Portal, you can see all that data with every online and in-store sale in one place. Reporting is effortless, with all transactions laid out in one holistic view, bringing you total visibility and control. With data updated in near real-time, you know exactly where your money is (or isn't).

#5: New ways to request payment and see your money faster

In a busy small business, time is at a premium. With Till Payment Links, you can send a link via SMS or email, which takes customers to your payment page. Your connected, digital-savvy customer gets a ping that prompts them to pay with a payment method of their choosing.

With Payment Links, you can send in seconds. And customers can pay in seconds, too.

Turn payments into a business advantage with the right partner

Modern payment infrastructure can be simple and inexpensive. Till can help you optimise the customer experience while delivering lower transaction costs, greater business efficiencies, and the rich transaction data you need to grow your business faster.

If you're ready to power up your payment process, speak to a Till payment expert today.