Payment Links

Fast, flexible contact-free payments

You don’t have to be in close physical proximity to your customers to get paid. You simply send a link via SMS or email which takes customers to your branded, PCI-compliant, Till-hosted payment page.

You can send in seconds.
Customers can pay in seconds too.

Enter the customer’s details, hit send, and Till creates a payment page with the transaction information. Customers get a ping that prompts them to pay, with a payment method of their choosing.

Forget manual, shift to auto

Till's Payment Links frees you up from attending in-person transactions in your store – and the hassle of manual end-of-day paperwork.

It’s contact-free. Convenient. Automated. And brings cashflow forward.

Reduce risk, decrease costs

Payment Links are embedded with 3DS2 security to protect against fraud. All data is stored in Till’s Secure Card Vault.

And digitised payments minimise the costs of manual entries and chargebacks.

When convenience becomes confidence

Emails. SMS. Mobile wallets. Payment Links lives in the modern world of today’s connected consumer.

Beyond speed, security and convenience, they also give customers the confidence that you ‘get’ them.

What can you do with Till's Payment Links?

Virtually everything. Digitising payments this way brings the connected consumer closer, without them being present. See how clever Till's Payment Links can be.

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One-Time Payments

Collect a one-time payment simply by creating a new customer profile, adding a payment reference number, and sending them an invitation to pay – without delay.

Customer Management

Keep track of every transaction, issue refunds, and know more about customers with all their details stored safely and ready for use inside the Till Merchant Portal.

Brand Management

Extend your brand’s impact and presence. When a customer clicks your payment link, they’ll land on a payments page featuring your logo, colours and brand message.

Pre-authorisation Payments

Use this Payment Links feature to request a deposit or full payment ahead of time to secure your services, reserve a product, book a room, and more.

But there’s more to Till

There are so many more reasons that make Till, Till – and why you are in safe hands. Beyond a mere payments platform, Till delivers resources, insights, and value across its extensive ecosystem.

Control and visibility

Till’s Merchant Portal provides immense visibility into payments, transactions and inventory. Updated in near real-time, you control access to the information and can run customised reports on demand.

Unlimited integrations

Till is the all-in-one platform built around the need to simplify and unify payments. Everything is connected. Everything integrates seamlessly. Everything is secure. The possibilities are endless.

Faster payments

Till processes payments at lightning speed, but also puts money in your account 7 days a week. You’ll know what to expect on any given day, plus there’s the option to arrange a priority payment schedule.

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