A faster, more seamless payment experience

Give your customers the convenient, simple and flexible option to pay at their table. Till's Pay@Table was created especially for restaurants, bars, diners, and other hospitality venues.

Empower your staff to turn tables faster and improve the customer experience with Till's Pay@Table, today.

Simple and convenient for your customers

Fast and easy

Give your customers freedom to pay at their table instead of at the register.

A better dining experience

Enhance the customer’s dining experience by offering greater flexibility.

Split bills easily

Let customers split bills however they like – equally or by chosen amounts.

Simultaneous transactions

Process transactions simultaneously with no more worries about locked tills.

Let your customers pay at the table, split bills with friends and add a tip.

Getting Started

Using Till's Pay@Table is simple, so can focus on delivering an exceptional customer experience.

  • Unlock terminal
  • Select the Pay at Table option OR
  • Enter your Operator ID to log in (if required)

Table Selection

Option 1: Search by Table number

  • Search for a Table by number OR letter

Option 2: See open tables (by the operator)

  • Click “See Open” to see all the open tables
  • Select the table you want to bill

Payment Options

Select the payment option the customer has requested.

Option 1: Pay in full

  • Search for a Table by number OR letter.

Option 2: Split evenly

  • Automatically creates an even split by the number of people you enter.

Option 3: Split by amount

  • Split the purchase total into the amounts specified by the customer
  • Customers have the option to tip and pay partially (if the bill is split) and by cash.
  • If the customer pays in full, you can close the table bill.
  • If the customer makes a partial payment, you can keep the table open for additional payments by remaining customers.

Ready to elevate your customers payment experience?

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