Self-Service Payments

Take payments without being there

Unattended payments are a core competency of Till. You can accept payments from kiosks, vending machines, parking meters and more with complete confidence. Without being there in person.

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Stress-free, self-service payments

There are many business advantages with Till. You’re fully PCI-compliant, integration is a breeze, updates are by remote and best of all, your customers are serving themselves 24/7 come rain, hail or shine.

Here, there, and everywhere.

Become an ‘anytime’ business and benefit from instant self-service payments.

What happens behind the scenes?

  1. Till’s technology instantly checks the card for fraud
  2. The transaction is processed in seconds
  3. Customers receive their goods on the spot
  4. You’ve received a fast, secure payment
  5. Your money’s in your account on the same day
  6. Customers enjoy added shopping convenience
  7. Your brand is in business 24/7

But there’s more to Till 

There are so many more reasons that make Till, Till – and why you are in safe hands. Beyond a mere payments platform, Till delivers resources, insights and value across its extensive ecosystem. 

Ultimate security

Your business reputation is safe with Till. Terminals automatically back up, you’re PCI-compliant, plus all digitised payments are protected by embedded SDS2 secure technology.

Faster payments

Till processes payments at lightning speed, but also puts money in your account 7 days a week. You’ll know what to expect on any given day, plus there’s the option to arrange a priority payment schedule.

Supreme support

Till is always-on and always ready to answer your support request, answered by Till's in-house expert customer support team.

Sell without being there

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