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21 July 2022

Till launches Next Gen Payment Links

Today, Till is excited to announce the launch of new enhancements to its Payment Links solution. The optimised version includes several updates designed to improve security and consumer trust for remote payments while introducing the ability to accept Apple Pay and other alternative payment methods.

The new and enhanced Payment Links natively integrates into the company’s data solution, Till Merchant Portal, offering invaluable oversight across consumer, business and transaction data. Additionally, merchants and partners will now have the option to enable Point-of-Sale financing via Till’s partner, FlipPay.

Till’s Payment Links allows merchants to send links via SMS or email, leading customers to a Till-hosted, PCI-compliant and private labelled digital payment page, ensuring merchant and partner branding remains front and centre during the entire purchasing journey. The solution eliminates the need for merchants to handle sensitive payment card information, increasing security and consumer confidence.

Dave Hemingway, Chief Product Officer at Till Payments, said the consistent growth of digital payments called for more secure remote payment options and informed the build of the company’s new Payment Links product.

“Consumers want more freedom in terms of when and how they pay. On top of that, the upward trend in digital payments is expected to continue, and, as with any financial services products, we recognised a need to deliver a solution that addressed shifting consumer behaviour in a secure and compliant manner,”

“With these insights in mind, our team has designed a new and improved Payment Links that significantly improves the customer experience and ensures the highest level of trust and security for all transactions while also adding tremendous value to businesses looking to harness the power of their data treasure troves.” He continued.

Additional features of the new Payment Links offering include sending pre-authorised payments and setting expiry dates for payment links to encourage prompt transactions and improve business cash flow. Find out more on: https://tillpayments.com/products/payment-links