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1 May 2023

Parramatta Motor Grop: Supercharging payment efficiency in automotive dealerships

In the fast-moving business of automotive sales and servicing, time is money. Discover how Parramatta Motor Group streamlined its payment processes, cut downtime, and eliminated fraud with Till's Payment Links.

Switching payments from 'Manual' to 'Automatic.'

After taking stock of all its processes and systems, Parramatta Motor Group realised that its payments workflow required fine-tuning and decided to upgrade their manual payment processes to a more streamlined approach.

The key was the adoption of Till Payment Links.

"It is so efficient, it's secure, and it cuts out a lot of the downtime, dead time and unnecessary steps in something as simple as taking a payment," says Jeanette Ivsic, a Parramatta Motor Group Business Manager.

Previously, in the case of over-the-phone payments, Business Managers like Jeanette would have to input the customer's payment information into the terminal manually, record the charge in the payment system, and then email an updated contract and receipt to the client.

"Before Payment Links, the process was a lot more manual," says Jeanette.

In the case of in-person payments, customers making purchases or paying for servicing had to queue up at the dealership to use their credit or debit cards or arrange bank transfers after receiving their invoices.

With Payment Links, all these time-consuming steps are a thing of the past.

With Payment Links, dealership and service staff can send and receive payment requests in seconds.

Customers receive a link via SMS or email to a secure payments page. The customer can make payment in seconds from their desktop or mobile device. When the customer pays, the backend systems are updated – with no manual intervention required.

Jeanette is automatically notified if the payment has been declined or if the payment request needs to be re-sent to the client.

"It's efficient, instantaneous, direct, and if there is an issue, whether the link didn't go through, or if the client is questioning anything regarding the payment, they can call up straight away."

Driving home a sense of security

Jeanette says customers love the Payment Link experience.

"The experience with the customers so far has been overwhelmingly positive; it's efficient, it's really easy, and it's secure."

When using Payment Links, customers avoid giving out card number over the phone. Plus, Business Managers across Parramatta Motor Group can rest easy knowing that this payment method is PCI compliant and follows all payment regulations.

"It enables the client to feel secure because the link is encrypted. It's something that's directed to them personally, and they have control over it."

Adopting Till Payment Links has allowed Parramatta Motor Group staff to take payments faster and helped enhance the car purchasing journey. Making the payment process quick and smooth helps to maintain the emotional attachment that customers experience when going through the process, which helps to improve sales conversion rates.

“I think it's been a more sales-driven result because it's instantaneous, more efficient and more direct.”

Another unexpected benefit for Parramatta Motor Group has been a reduction in associated business risks:

"One of the other benefits of moving from a manual system to an automated system like Payment Links is it greatly reduces the fraud factor."

Payment Links have also proved quick for dealership staff to master.

"The training for payment links was really quick," says Jeanette, "We did it over zoom within 20 minutes."

“I would definitely be recommending Payment Links to other dealerships.”

Did you know?

Till has partnered with the world's leading DMS suppliers in the automotive industry, including Pentana Solutions, Titan and Revolution, to bring together the best possible payment experience for your customers. Get in touch with us today and discover how your business can benefit from these strategic partnerships.