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24 May 2022

Enhancing CX for Auto with Embedded Payments

Enhancing Customer Experience for Automotive Service Centre with Embedded Payment Solutions

John has had a rough day.

He woke up early to make sure that he was on time for his car servicing appointment, leaving enough time to get to work. But even the best-laid plans go awry. When he arrived at the service centre, he found himself stuck in a queue to drop off his vehicle and ended up getting to work later than expected.

After a long day at work, he hurried back to pick up his vehicle from the service station, only to find that he had to queue up again, realising that a long line of people before him had the exact same idea.

And that wasn’t the end of it. John found himself at the back of another very long queue to finalise his bill at the payment counter. While he knew that he would have to put up with this each time he got his car was due for a service, the experience had him disgruntled and annoyed.

Does this scenario sound eerily familiar?

Embedded payments for a seamless customer experience

While talking to businesses who cater to customers like John, we uncovered the pain points that your customers experience, and clearly saw the need for a solution that is smart, seamless and able to optimise the customer experience for our automotive partners.

An embedded payment solution is a digital payment option that is integrated into non-payment platforms, whether that’s your POS (Point of Sale) and inventory software or your dealer management system. These payments solutions, like the one offered by Till, eases common customer frustrations and fits seamlessly within your service station’s ecosystem, without the need for painful migration.

Saying goodbye to queues!

While customers appreciate the human touch, unnecessary queues and long wait times can deter loyalty and spoil what would otherwise be a positive experience.

Automating the payment process can save customers’ time and create a more seamless workflow. Once a car is serviced, you can now send an SMS/Email to your customers with an attached copy of their invoice, and a secure payment link, using Till’s Payment Links solution. Customers can review the invoices in their own time, and make payments via their smart devices using the secure payment link in the message. They no longer need to wait for their bill or queue up to make payments when picking up their vehicles.

White-labelled Buy Now Pay Later for Automotive Dealerships

A Buy Now Pay Later solution that’s all yours? Till can provide white-labelled Buy Now Pay Later solution that’s tailored to the automotive space. It enables you to provide eligible customers with a choice to pay for their servicing or their new tyres (and other eligible vehicle expenses) with an instalment-based payment plan, while you receive the funds upfront. All the while, keeping your brand front and centre as your customers progress through their buying journey.

Peace of Mind for your Team

With Till’s seamless integration with leading Dealer Management Systems such as Pentana and TitanDMS, your team can benefit from the automated reconciliation of customer records and payment information, and simplified inventory management.

With Till’s embedded payment solutions, you can provide an enriched customer experience to customers like John, and focus on making his next visit to your service station a breeze.

Interested in finding out more about how Till’s embedded payments solutions can help enhance customer experience for your business? Reach out to one of our friendly customer success team members today and unlock the value from your payments process.