Enhancing Payment Moments for Pharmacies

A single pharmacy billing solution that helps pharmacies see the different business parts in near real-time & automates the manual task of reconciliations.

Till Payments

Every payment moment is a critical part of the overall customer experience. And not being able to provide your customers with the payment method of their choice can negatively affect your business. A payment experience that is fraught with friction can deter customers and push them to take their business to other pharmacies.

With the right payments partner to help you enhance your customers’ payment moments, a seamless checkout experience is at the fingertips of every pharmacy business.

Challenges with changing technology

Keeping up with technological changes is always a challenge for independent retail or chain pharmacies, especially with the rapid pace of evolution in payment processes and financial technologies. For pharmacies with only one standalone site, you'll only need to look at a single system to see everything about your business. But for pharmaceutical companies that have more than one branch, it is not uncommon for each branch to have their own systems, causing unnecessary friction in the accounting process, inventory management and customer experience. When you combine this with the traditional payment options offered by banks, gaps in the payment experience can be seen.

Good thing there's a smart solution to this problem. A single pharmacy billing solution can help you see the different parts of your business in near real-time and automates the manual task of reconciliations, seamlessly.

With Till’s Unified Commerce solution, your pharmacy will have the power to level up your customers' payment moments online, offline or wherever they are.

First things first: why Unified Commerce for pharmacy owners?

Unified commerce provides you with a clever solution to combine all payments and devices into a single platform. In other words, there is only one pharmacy payment and billing platform you need to use; no more navigating between different systems, no more complicated reconciliations across stores, no more worries.

Compared to single or multi-channel solutions, unified commerce is smoother because everything is fed into one platform where your order fulfilment, inventory management, point of sale, and more, work together in sync.

Here's an example: There is a long queue waiting in your pharmacy and one customer is specifically asking for prescription medicine in bulk. Instead of running through various applications, your pharmacists or cashiers can easily look up customer information, check over-the-counter and prescription medicine stock, place an order for a customer and complete the pharmacy billing process with only one solution.

Everything is unified and simplified for pharmacies. With Till's unified commerce solution, you remove the payment barriers while providing great customer service. Here’s how:

1. Get to know your customers better

By bringing all your existing merchant systems together into one single solution, pharmacies can view all the available real-time data across online or in-store in Till’s Merchant Portal. This portal also simplifies reconciliation and reporting across multiple stores and automates manual tasks, giving you more time to focus on what truly matters.

2. Offer more payment options to your loyal customers

Payment gateways are crucial when it comes to customer experience. In general, having limited payment options is a huge pain point for some customers and can make them turn to your competitors.

With Till, you can offer your customers the flexibility to pay anywhere using any payment method they prefer. With Till’s unique Payment Links function, your customers have the option to make a simple, seamless pre-payment for the home delivery of medications, providing peace of mind. At the same time, you'll also get the peace of mind you deserve because Payment Links can be easily integrated into your pharmacy's existing systems.

3. Just plug and play!

No need to worry about installing our pharmacy billing software with your existing POS systems. Just plug it and you're good to go. Till’s Unified Commerce Solution is compatible with common payments platforms used by major pharmacies in Australia, with Linkly and MX51 integrations, including:


  • POSWorks

  • Z Pos

  • Penny Lane

  • Pharmacy Pro

  • Minfos


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