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Till Payments acquires Ziosk Integrated Payment Services

Till are excited to announce the acquisition of Ziosk Integrated Payments Services, giving partners access to enhanced payment capabilities

Till Payments

Till are excited to announce the acquisition of Ziosk Integrated Payment Services (ZIPS), the payment processing arm of the hospitality technology platform company Ziosk. The acquisition builds the foundation for Till's payments capability in North America, fast tracking the expansion of it's simple, all-in-one payments solution in the market.

First, let's say hello to Ziosk.

Who is Ziosk & ZIPS?

Ziosk is a leading on-premise engagement, digital ordering and payment platform for the hospitality industry. It's technology solutions answer some of the biggest challenges faced in the industry today -- from guest satisfaction, labor management and all the way to operational efficiency & data insights.

Ziosk Integrated Payment Services (better known as ZIPS!) is the payments arm of the parent company Ziosk, who have been absorbed into Till's broader payments business to help enable new and existing partners access a single-entry gateway to global expansion -- giving greater flexibility for its integrated payments solution.

ZIPS come with a portfolio of independent software vendor and referral partners across North America, whom have all transitioned over to Till as part of the acquisition. Plus, Till are excited to welcome 15 new Till Force members who have joined the team as part of the move.

Why are Till partnering with ZIPS?

Till is on a mission to create a payments platform that puts merchants and their customers at the centre of every transaction.

Having ZIPS as a long-term strategic partner not only enables Till to rapidly expand the mission into the North American market, but also gives new and existing Till customers access to the fleet of Ziosk Smart Screen payment terminals - providing innovative ways to take payments, better understanding of in-person customer interactions and unlock new ways for employees to work within hospitality venues.

“Our newly established partnership with Ziosk will serve to strengthen our existing offering to business in the hospitality industry. The pandemic has completely overhauled the sector and there is now a critical need for payments and technology solutions that can address the operational and staffing issues facing the industry today,” Shadi Haddad, CEO, Till Payments

So, what does this mean for merchants and partners?

Till is in the midst of bolstering the existing payments offering to merchants with the Ziosk terminal technology. Better yet, talk to Till today and find out how you can trade beyond borders with Till's global integrated payments technology.

If you're an Independent Software Vendor or Independent Services Operator in North America, reach out to Till's North America Head of Partnerships Jared Ruggieri for more information on how you can partner with Till today.

More information about ZIPS can be accessed via here.