Transforming retail customer experiences through payments

How to optimise the customer experience while delivering lower transaction costs, greater business efficiencies & rich transaction data to drive growth.

Till Payments

Many retailers have been pushed into an epic pivot thanks to the pandemic. They've had to expand and step up their online game to keep attracting and engaging customers. Other retailers, especially food and grocery, have seen a boom in credit transactions – along with exploding transaction costs, reconciliation hassles, and lack of transaction visibility.

These pain points – and many others – call for something new; a new approach to payments that can optimise the customer experience while delivering lower transaction costs, greater business efficiencies, and the rich transaction data needed to drive growth. The answer to all of these pains and more is Till’s unified commerce solution.

Today's connected consumer drives the agenda, meaning retailers need to reimagine their payment systems. There is a huge opportunity to be more agile, customer responsive, and competitive. Increasingly, customers are adopting hybrid shopping habits all while expecting a friction-free experience. For example, they may prefer to view in-store but buy online, and they expect the ability to make returns across various channels and pay you anywhere, anytime, anyhow.

Having limited payment options is a huge pain point for some customers. It can make them turn to your competitors. With Till, you can offer your customers the flexibility to pay anywhere, using any payment method they prefer.

Till helps you optimise your payment pathways across in-store, online and hybrid combinations.

Till connects all channels so you sell more products faster, without friction. And customers love it.

One holistic view of all transactions

With Till, you can view every transaction for every store, outlet, or channel on a single portal – a level of visibility far beyond that provided by traditional banks.

Till’s portal gives you cross-channel insights and valuable data to inform decisions and provide visibility over your customers’ history and preferences in detail.

Reconciliation and reporting are more effortless, with all transactions laid out in one holistic view. No more navigating between different systems. No more complex reconciliations across stores. Just all the juicy data you need to maximise revenue. All in one place.

Pedal to the metal for an online start-up

A unique collaboration with a new online retailer, Tribe Bikes shows how businesses of all sizes can benefit from Unified Commerce. Till worked with the merchant to build a custom gateway connection for WooCommerce, and cycle-up operational efficiencies, with sophisticated access to data, typically not enjoyed by businesses of this size.

Hi-touch support supports growth

This collaboration was a great example of Till's high-touch support, helping businesses of all sizes to support their scale and growth.

For a fashion retailer, Till’s high-touch personalised service started with the implementation of terminals across two established stores. This built trust. When the retailer opened a new store and needed quick implementation, Till could mobilise fast to get things up and running. Seamlessly. In no time.

The power of ‘Simplementation’

With Till, implementation is simple, and rollout is hassle-free. Your current POS systems integrate easily.

Terminals plug and play. Instead of multiple channels, prices, and providers, your entire payment system works. As one.

The easy way to sell globally

Whether you’re considering expanding into new markets or already operating globally, Till accepts all currencies and rerouting the customer through over 350 gateways. You don’t have to find and manage local payment partners in each region or cope with a tangle of different plans and prices. With Till, all that hassle goes away.

The power of Payment Links functionality

Giving customers the ability to Payment Links can be an essential point of difference for retailers and make the payment process a breeze. And customers love it.

Once an online or phone order is processed or shipped, Till’s Payment Links system sends an SMS or email to the customer with an attached invoice and secure payment link. The customer can review the invoice in their own time and make payments via their smart device. Instantly.

Streamlining CX, reducing risk

A luxury women’s fashion retailer allowed its customers to call their local stores, put items on hold and pay over the phone. While customers loved the convenience offered by this service, it increased the risk of fraudulent and insecure transactions. Implementing Till’s Payment Links meant customers could enjoy the same level of ease while eliminating the risk of fraudulent transactions and chargebacks at the same time.

Bringing it all together – a customised approach

Keeping up with technological changes is always a challenge for independent retailers, especially with the rapid pace of evolution in payment processes and financial technologies. For Till, this means a customised approach to every client – a one-size-fits-all from your payment provider will no longer cut it.

A prime example of this customised approach is the Red Retail Group, a franchise of four stores within the IGA network of independent supermarkets. As a result of the pandemic, the Group saw increased card payments and a rapid rise in self-serve transactions. Inefficient manual reconciliations and a rapid rise in transaction costs resulted. Along with a lack of visibility across all transactions, as the Group's current POS supplier had no portal offering.

Till solved this problem by bringing that missing POS information into a new Till Merchant Portal, delivering complete visibility, rich transactional data, and much more. Till even paid the POS provider to fix the credit card dissection reporting issue on self-service terminals. Red Retail Group gained unified visibility of all transactions across all checkouts, both staffed and self-serve. Along with automated reconciliations that have delivered substantial time savings.

Till's same-day settlements also had a hugely positive impact – especially for a business that trades seven days a week.

With competitive rates, value-adds like fast settlements, a digitised dashboard where everything’s in one place, and everything on a single platform, Till is taking retail payments to the next level.

Friction-free – at every level

With Till’s  Unified Commerce solution, you’ll have the power to level up your customers' payment moments online, offline, or wherever they are, with a friction-free payment experience and innovations like Payment Links. You can streamline and enhance your business operations, from reconciliations to settlement and cash flow. While reducing transaction costs, chargebacks, cost of returns, and the hassle of managing multiple payment providers.

With Till, every sales channel connects so that you can sell to any customer. Manual tasks are automated to save you time. Till's terminals plug-in without hassle. And you can take your business into the future with confidence.

Interested in learning more about Till’s Unified Commerce solutions and everything they can help you achieve for your business? Reach out to one of our friendly customer success team members today and unlock the value from your payments process. You have nothing to lose. And everything to gain. Starting now.